The Master of Education (M.Ed.) provides an opportunity for professionals in the field of Education to undertake advanced coursework and research in their area of interest. The course offers professional educators excellent career prospects in terms of advancement of knowledge and qualification and ultimately making them better teachers. The course prepares graduates to inquire into the nature of educational problems and generate new knowledge, which can be used to enhance policy and practice and help develop skills to tackle the challenging and dynamic world of teaching.

Sanctioned Strength: 50 (One Unit)

Eligibility, Rules and Regulations:


Uniform/Dress Code

Every trainee in the college has to wear uniform compulsorily on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, functions and during the days when school internship and data collection is on. The uniform prescribed is as follows: GIRLS: Uniform Saree provided by the college with Black Slip-on Shoes BOYS: Full Sleeve Navy Blue Shirt, Dark Blue Trousers, Tie and Black Shoes.

Faculty Members

- M.Ed. faculty members

S.No Name of the Staff Designation Date of Birth Mobile No E-Mail id Years of Teaching Experience Years of Staff Approval
1 Dr.G.VINITHA PROFESSOR 03.03.1977 9600717663 vg.vinitha@yahoo.com 12 YEARS No.TNTEU/R/QA/M.ED/CC:10326/2017-18/1203 DATED:25.05.2017
2 S.RAMPRABHU ASSISTANT PROFESSOR 02.04.1980 9003928025 9994739275 rpeducation23@gmail.com 9 YEARS No.TNTEU/R/QA/M.ED/CC:10326/2017-18/1203 DATED:25.05.2017
3 Dr.P.PALANISAMY ASSISTANT PROFESSOR 13.06.1978 9787320630 drpalani78@gmail.com 3YEARS No.TNTEU/R/QA/M.ED/CC:10326/2017-18/1203 DATED:25.05.2017
4 Dr.M.ARJUNAN ASSISTANT PROFESSOR 25.08.1982 9092257950 arjunan@gmail.com 3 YEARS No.TNTEU/R/QA/M.ED/CC:10326/2017-18/1203 DATED:25.05.2017
5 S.ANAND ASSISTANT PROFESSOR 11.11.1984 8608787885 sanand@gmail.com 6 YEARS No.TNTEU/R/QA/M.ED/CC:10326/2017-18/1203 DATED:25.05.2017
6 Dr.K.GOMATHI ASSISTANT PROFESSOR 20.05.1967 9843423993 drkgomathi20@gmail.com 9 YEARS No.TNTEU/R/QA/M.ED/CC:10326/2017-18/1203 DATED:25.05.2017
7 Dr.J.R.VINU ASSISTANT PROFESSOR 29.03.1982 9786036263 vinukumar2982@gmail.com 3 MONTHS -
8 C.KALAIVANI ASSISTANT PROFESSOR 18.05.1980 9626269555 kalaivani80@gmail.com 3 MONTHS -