Pharmaceutical Analysis

(Pharmaceutical Analysis)

Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry is one of the vital field of science in Pharmacy curriculum. Synthesis of medicinal compounds, Structural elucidation of medicinal substances and analysis of drug and its components. The department is actively involved in teaching of pharmaceutical chemistry and pharmaceutical analysis as on industrial scale of quality. Pharmaceutical chemistry involves the use of laboratory methods to determine the composition of samples qualitatively, semi quantitatively and quantitatively. The students get exposure to monitor the presence or absence of chemical moiety in given sample. Semi quantitative analysis allows the students to compare the amount of substance in each sample with a reference standard.

A quantitative method involves volumetric or titrimetric, gravimetric determinations, and instrumental methods of analysis to find out the amount of concentration of sample or percentage purity. The experimental chemistry correlates with theoretical knowledge helpful for the student for synthesizing chemical moieties which may have therapeutic properties in physiological system. Drug discovery and optimization in pharmaceutical industry are extensively carried out with combinatorial chemistry with High Throughput Screening methods. Theoretical and practical knowledge in chemistry helps to understand the physical and chemical properties of solids that can ensures a better selection of formulation. The various areas interest in pharmaceutical chemistry are new drug development, Computer Aided Drug Design, Molecular Modeling, Structure Activity Relationship studies, in-vitro in-vivo screening of chemical moieties.