Home Activites

Recreation / sports

During the college hours students are given regular sports hour during which they are given the opportunity to play outdoor games. After college working hours, students can use the recreation room in our college campus comprising of table tennis, carom, chess and other indoor games. Even in hostel indoor games such as carom & chess and outdoor games badminton, tennicoit etc. are available. An athletic meet is held annually. Sports kit for playing outdoor games such as cricket, basket ball, throw ball, badminton etc has been provided to the students.

Physical fitness room(pfr)

Interested students can also become members of the pfr. We conducts regular training in aerobics, Yogasanas and Pranayama, free of cost to the students of P.P.G College..

National Service Scheme (NSS)

N.S.S. is a scheme sponsored by Government of India, financed by both the centre and the state, implemented by the universities through the colleges. From the academic year 2000, N.S.S. Unit has come into being in the college. N.S.S. intends to involve the students in the community service and thus channelizes their energy in Nation building activities. Rich experience gained will have dynamic influence in shaping the personality of the student youth. Regular service activities and a special annual camp are conducted for achieving the intended objectives. In short, N.S.S. is an education through service.

PPG SANJEEVANI-College magazine

College brings out its magazine entitled PPG SANJEEVANI consisting of invited articles from staff and students in English, Tamil, apart from including various reports of activities, poems and puzzles. Every student must take active part in bringing out a good annual magazine.

National Service Scheme (NSS)

Annual cultural and sports meet will be conducted in order to bring out the inner talent of the students. The students also encouraged.
All students of the College of Nursing are expected to participate in various professional activities, conferences and scientific sessions organized by the Association. This is a unit of the Trained Nurses Association of India (T.N.A.I.) with full fledged national state & regional executive committees members are elected by voting. Aprox. 355 units and >30,000 members. Membership is compulsory, on admission both at the local (branch/ unit) and national levels. Faculty members are appointed as coordinators at college level..

Student Body Association (S.B.A.) / Students Council)

All students are enrolled as members of S.B.A. at the institutional level. The executive body of the association is elected by voting after filling in the nominations from different (alternatively) Students affairs (Hostel, Mess, Discipline, Health Care, Studies) and co-curricular activities are coordinated and organized by different committees under the guidance of faculty members. Some of the committees are The Health Care, Sports, Cultural & Entertainment, Communication, Magazine/ Publication, Transport, College Maintenance & Media, Fellowship/ Spiritual Nurture Committees..