Business Analytics

The Systems specialization in Management aids a management student to handle administrative problems and tasks related to information technology in an efficient way. The students who pursue this specialization grab the opportunity of getting a job in top IT companies as possess both technical knowledge and business management skills. It also helps students to comprehend the nuances of e-business, enterprise resource planning, decision support systems, software product development, information security, knowledge management systems and business analytics. The course will be apt for students with computer science background who looks for a career in technology that caters the growing needs of a corporate.


This course is a boon for engineers in information technology and computer science when the climb on the career ladder to managerial cadres. The global scenario in business management declares that 13 per cent of the business administrative job opportunities are available in IT-related sectors. Hence, a candidate pursuing this course gets the advantage of this lucrative job opportunity.

Job Opportunities

  •   Systems Analyst
  •   Systems Administrator
  •   Network Manager
  •   Data Analyst
  •   Storage Specialist
  •   Project Manager
  •   Business Analyst
  •   ERP coordinator etc..