An aspiring MBA candidate with an analytical mindset may want to consider an MBA program with a strong curriculum in production or operations management, which focuses on how companies can create compelling products or services in a cost-effective way. This field is related to a discipline known as logistics or supply chain management, which centers on how companies distribute their products or services to consumers and what they can do to increase the speed and lower the expense of the product or service delivery. Both production and logistics MBA courses require students to use mathematical models to solve complex problems, and each of these types of classes is typically housed within a business school's academic department of operations.


Operations is an academic subject that focuses on how to establish effective processes, both on the production and distribution side of a business, and experts say this subject is essential for MBA students to master.

Job Opportunities

  •   Operations Manager
  •   General Operations Manager
  •   Area Operations Manager
  •   Plant Manager
  •   Process Managers
  •   Supply Chain Program Manager etc..