Welcome to PPG Business School

PPG Business School is part of the PPG Educational Conglomerate. The first footprints were stamped way back in 1992. We at PPG strongly believe that it is the environment that shapes a man. With this strong belief, we have continued our journey in transforming humble students into strong professionals in their area of specialization.

At PPG Business School the academic curriculum is blended with corporate case studies and company projects which make the students apply their theoretical knowledge and concepts in the workplace. This experience kindles their thirst for knowledge which is quenched in the campus that is nestled in greenery. This continuous process transforms the student into a professional, bursting with ideas and energy, raring to hold the reins of the corporate world.

At PPG B School, it is an experience you would go through. An experience that would take you to a different level of thinking. An experience that encourages you to believe in yourself. An experience that would transform you into a professional

This transformation has been possible because of our dedicated team of faculty members. Each of our faculty members are highly qualified with a mix of academic and corporate experience which makes them competent to handle the transformation of each and every student who believes in us and walks into our portals.

It is the belief that one needs to have for the transformation. At PPG B School, we believe in ourselves and our strengths. We believe in our pedagogy and academic environment. These beliefs strongly encourages us to say “We believe You Can”.

Believe in yourself. Come. Join. Experience. Transform.