Who we are

P. Perichi Gounder Memorial Educational and Charitable Trust(PPG Trust), Coimbatore was established in the year 1992 by Dr. L. P Thangavelu, a leading laparoscopic surgeon at Coimbatore city. The vision of the trust is to liberate the men and women from their socio, economic and cultural constraints by intellectually equipping them to confront the challenges of everyday life.

The Trust has established and been nurturing various Educational Institutions in Coimbatore.

1. PPG School of Nursing
2. PPG College of Nursing
3. PPG College of Physiotherapy
4. PPG College of Education
5. PPG Institute of Allied and Health Sciences
6. PPG Institute of Technology
7. PPG Business School
8. PPG College of Pharmacy
9. PPG College of Arts & Science
10. Ashwin Hospital
11. Ashwin Comprehensive cancer center
12. Alchemy Public School