About the Programme

The Department of commerce was established in our PPG College of Arts and Science in 2017. The department has got affiliation from Bharathiar University. The Bachelor of Commerce degree is designed to provide students with a wide range of managerial skills, while building competence in a particular area of business. We form our department vision to inspire & guide students and teachers to acquire knowledge, develop skill and a positive attitude that will enhance their professional capabilities to face global environment in the field of Trade, Commerce and Industry. The department of commerce plane to create to students is exposed to general business principles, taking courses in accounting, finance, business management, human resources, marketing, and economics. Some programs also require (business) statistics, calculus and information systems. In the PPG CAS the department of commerce plans, to train and develop the students in the areas of banking, Insurance and other related business activities. To provide academic support to the faculty to enrich their competency and skill. And To develop the institution as a centre of excellence for commerce education.


“To be an institute of academic excellence with total commitment to quality education in Commerce, management and related fields with a holistic concern for better life, environment and society”


Empowering students with all the knowledge and guidance that they need to become worthy management professionals.

 Learning through Doing.

 Providing holistic and value based development of students which ultimately enhances their employability.

 Developing social consciousness among students.

 Provide a nurturing and motivating environment to exploit the full potential of the students.

 Grooming youth to become a truly global personality well equipped to deal with the modern world and its challenges.

Program Educational Objectives (PEOs)

The B.COM program describe accomplishments that graduates are expected to attain within five to seven years after graduation

 PEO1 Students will able to understand the concepts of commerce.

 PEO2 Programme aims to develop comprehensive professional skills which are required for commerce graduates.

 PEO3 Students will develop an understanding of various commerce functions such as finance, accounting, financial analysis, project evaluation, and cost accounting.

 PEO4 Students will be able to prove the proficiency with the ability to engage exams like C.A, C.S and CMA.

 PEO5 Students can do commerce-oriented research and consequence of this, they can become Professors in Colleges and Universities.

Program Specific Outcomes (PSOs)

After the successful completion of B.COM program, the students are expected to

 PSO1 To provide strong base on the course relevant to the area of commerce which helps to choose their career.

  PSO2 To enhance knowledge and skills among students which built confident to identify their career opportunities in multiple dimensions.

  PSO3 Nurture the students in intellectual, personal, interpersonal and social skills with a focus on relevant professional career particularly, to maximize professional growth.

  PSO4 Empower the students with necessary competencies and decision-making skills to foster the innovative thinking to become an entrepreneur.

  PSO5 Strengthen the students to become expert in the field of communication withethical consciousness.

Program Outcomes (POs)

On successful completion of the B.COM program

PO1 Build the wide range of knowledge in the areas of accounting concepts and techniques to meet the current and future requirement of the industry.

PO2 Develop the strong knowledge in the areas such as finance, taxation and laws relating to commerce helps to relate the conceptual and analytical skills in the field of auditing, finance etc.

PO3Inculcate the students to nurture their skills in personal, interpersonal, intellectual and others skills to develop their professional career and growth.

PO4 Disseminate students to develop decision making and problem-solving skills to undertake their own venture as a feasible career option.

PO5 Orient and motive the students to develop the needed knowledge in business andacademics to develop their employability.

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