About the Programme

The B.COM CA is established in the academic year 2017-2018. This department is exclusively established for maintaining the effective quality of education in the currently viable course of B.COM with computer application. Student opting to undergo a course in B.COM CA learn not only the subject of commerce but are also taught to use of computer software technology for their professional requirements. The course bridging commerce and computer application helps them to become smart and employable. Training in the field of commerce is extra mileage in placements. It has an innovative modern curriculum. The department has highly qualified and experienced faculty members who have M.Phil with PGDCA and doctorates. The department also motivates the students in various aspects for their individual


“To impart specialized knowledge and practical training in the core areas of Commerce and Computer Applications, that enables the stakeholders’ to channelize their intellect and skill towards global recognition”


 To impart knowledge in advanced recent concepts and applications in various fields of commerce and to demonstrate an in-depth understanding of technical and quantitative aspects related to financial services, including the study of financial markets, financial instruments and investment decision-making.

 To establish close linkage with corporate and government so as to enhance the work experience of the students.

 To educate the students to become excellent and ethical business consultants, through chartered accountants, entrepreneurs and business managers.

 To explore and develop the entrepreneurial and leadership potential of the students.

Program Educational Objectives (PEOs)

The B.COM program describe accomplishments that graduates are expected to attain within five to seven years after graduation

 PEO1 Students will able to understand the concepts of commerce.

 PEO2 Programme aims to develop comprehensive professional skills which are required for commerce graduates.

 PEO3 Students will develop an understanding of various commerce functions such as finance, accounting, financial analysis, project evaluation, and cost accounting.

 PEO4 Students will be able to prove the proficiency with the ability to engage exams like C.A, C.S and CMA.

 PEO5 Students can do commerce-oriented research and consequence of this, they can become Professors in Colleges and Universities.

Program Educational Objectives (PEOs)

The B.COM (Computer Applications) program describe accomplishments that graduates are expected to attain within five to seven years after graduation

 PEO1 To Provide students with specific knowledge and skills relevant to their disciplines and careers.

 PEO2 To make the students acquainted with technical and practical concepts for understanding the real business problems using different programming languages.

 PEO3 To train the students on practical business applications using high level programming languages in real world.

 PEO4 To make the students aware about the useful applications of different computer languages that solve real world problems.

 PEO5 To enhance the knowledge on visual based programming language and objectoriented language in different business applications using various design principles portraying the concepts of computer applications in business activities.

Program Specific Outcomes (PSOs)

After the successful completion of B. Com (Computer Applications) program, the students are expected to

 PSO1 Know and apply the various business management and computer applications concepts to solve the real-world problems.

  PSO2 Acquire the knowledge on object-based computer applications in various business fields.

  PSO3 Solve the business applications related issues of using oracle and object-oriented programming languages

  PSO4 Analyze the real e-business problems by using the different applications of procedure-oriented language programs.

  PSO5 Enrich the practical knowledge on applications of accounting and programming languages in business ventures.

Program Outcomes (POs)

After the successful completion of B. Com (Computer Applications) program, the students are expected to

PO1Develop the accounting, finance, banking, Insurance, marketing as well as the computer application knowledge to the students.

PO2Create awareness of the students about Business law, Tax Law and legislations related to business and computer applications.

PO3Get the training to learn how to develop successful computer programs to solve the business problems for increasing the productivity of the e-business.

PO4 Obtain the practical application exposure on ms-office and oracle software.

PO5 Apply object oriented or non-object-oriented techniques to solve business computing problems which make students a good programmer.

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