Career Guidance and Higher Education Cell is formed exclusively for create awareness on higher education among the students, motivating, guiding, counseling and providing exposure to students on pursuing higher studies in India and Abroad. The career guidance cell provides relevant academic and career information to enable Students to make informed decisions along the way. Our focus is to provide learning/training opportunities in the areas of academic, career and personal/ Social development and to prepare students to meet their future challenges. The Cell also organizes Workshops and Seminars on Personality Development, Interpersonal Relationship, Communication Skills, Interview Skills and Presentation Skills to enable the All Round development of individuals. This Cell identifies the Aptitudes of the Students for Higher Studies and to assist the students in making their right choice regarding the Subjects, Courses and Universities for Higher Studies, both in India and abroad. This is a well structured Support System for pursuing Higher Studies. Also it supports students to realize their ultimate dream by making career decision in a rational manner and to become self-sufficient, self-reliant and responsible citizens to our Nation.


Employment opportunities and career paths are affected by changes in the economy and political shifts within society. CGC believes that opportunities may change with the time by Giving in Time Information about Current Competitive Examinations. To Develop Awareness, Information & Importance of Higher Studies in time to the Student to make the Rural student to achieve success by caching the Best opportunities Foreign Studies and higher studies.


  • Creating awareness among students of various avenues for higher studies
  • Induction and training classes will be conducted for the students in preparing the competitive exams.
  • Individual counseling, Seminar and webinars shall be conducted through the consultants and Alumni.
  • To facilitate students to identify their aptitude for learning & the course they want to pursue.
  • To encourage students in taking up various Competitive Examinations like CAT, MAT, GATE, GMAT, SAT, GRE, TOEFL and Civil Service Examination etc.,.
  • To offer Foreign Language Training Courses.

Convener & Coordinator

Mr.K.Jayakumar, Assistant Professor of Department of commerce with CA.