The Programming Club aims to establish a coding culture on campus, reaching every student passionate about coding. The club’s motto is to Create-Build-Innovate. Technology has changed the globe and is crucial to our future. In collaboration with the Programming Club, the School of Computer at PPG CAS organizes a variety of technical activities. Programming Club is a forum for students interested in coding, app development, and web design to get together. The club is in charge of organizing programming events for PPG CAS students. Webinars and workshops on topics such as fundamental programming, web design languages, machine learning methods, and mobile application development are held by the club. To instill a coding culture in the institute, programming competitions will be held.



To develop confidence to engage in independent & lifelong learning in the context of Technological changes.


  • To inculcate the ability to develop software projects using standard practices and suitable programming environment.

  • Ability to understand advanced computing technologies and develop coding skills in domain specific areas.

  • To apply computer science knowledge in exploring and adopting latest technologies in different co-curricular activities.


          Dr. S.Sasikala Devi, Associate Professor and Head,

          School of Computer Science


         Mrs. K.Yasotha, Assistant Professor

          Mrs.D.Kalavani, Assistant Professor

          Mr.S.Dinesh Kumar, Assistant Professor