Aryabhatta and Einstein club helps in arousing and maintaining student’s interest in mathematics and Physics.  It provides the students with opportunities to develop their explorative, creative and inventive faculties. It inculcates the habit of self-study and independent work among the students.  It helps in problem solving attitude among the students. It provides opportunities for students to translate the theory into practice and to apply their learning in daily life situations.  It helps the student to imbibe social qualities like cooperation, tolerance, adjustment and open-mindedness, as they work in groups. It helps to meet individual needs of the students are every member gets an opportunity to work in his areas of interest. Aryabhatta and Einstein clubs extend learning beyond the limits of the classroom.

Club activities provide first hand experiences to the learners as they participate in model making, arranging for exhibition, volunteer habits and intercollege meet and so on.


Vision : To stimulate interest in Mathematics & Physics and to promote the enjoyment of Science through competition and cooperative learning.


Mission : Further the understanding and appreciation of Science and its related disciplines.



Mr.V. Rathinakumar


Co- Ordinator

Dr. R.Praveena