DURATION : 4 Years (3 Years + 1 Year Internship)

Respiratory Therapy is a relatively new branch of Allied Health Sciences and a profession devoted to the scientific application of technology in order to assist in the diagnosis, treatment, management and care of patients with cardiopulmonary and associated diseases.Respiratory therapists work with doctors and other healthcare professionals to evaluate treat and care for patients who have breathing and other cardiopulmonary disorders. They also perform diagnostic tests and limited physical examination.Respiratory therapy programs teach students to diagnose and treat cardiopulmonary problems and to help patients maintain their cardiopulmonary health.Respiratory therapy curricula typically cover coursework related to the health, function and treatment of the heart and lungs. Completion of clinical practice hours is often part of the degree requirements.


Trained respiratory therapy professionals have ample opportunities in the healthcare industry. They can find jobs in the various departments of hospitals such as Respiratory care, Anesthesiology and Pulmonary Medicine.Respiratory therapists are mostly appointed in Intensive care units, emergency departments, Operating rooms, Neonatal nurseries and critical care teams in hospitals. Nursing homes, clinics and health care centers, pulmonary rehab centers, pulmonary function testing labs also offer openings for respiratory therapists. They may also be employed in non-hospital environments like wellness centers, diagnostic laboratories, educational institutions etc.