DURATION : 4 Years (3 Years + 1 Year Internship)

The main aim of this course is to instill skills and knowledge related to radiotherapy. The program is well known for training students and turning them into skilled radiotherapy professionals! It is a therapy using ionizing radiation. Therapeutic radiographers specialize in the planning and administration of radiotherapy treatment for patients, most of whom have cancer. Using a range of technical equipment, you'll deliver accurate doses of radiation to tumors to destroy diseased tissue, while minimizing the amount of radiation to surrounding healthy tissue. You may also use radiotherapy to treat other conditions such as some blood disorders and thyroid disease.As part of the radiotherapy team, you'll have lots of contact with patients before, during and after their treatment, and will play a vital role in helping them cope with the daily side effects.


There is currently a national shortage of therapeutic radiographers, which means the likelihood of finding a job is relatively good, particularly if you can be geographically flexible. You may also work in private hospitals and clinics or research establishments, or within education, conducting research and training radiographers.There is scope to work overseas in hospitals, clinics and education or in research establishments.As your career progresses, you may become an advanced and then consultant practitioner, taking on a higher level of clinical responsibility and management of patients.There are also opportunities to work in agencies or charities, looking at issues such as quality assurance or patient care, information and support services.