About us

About us

The world has been seeing the advent of an era of innovative introductions, in every field of life, Today's youth is very well aware of the challenges ahead, and the market is also developing at a fast pace. The number of institution offering, various courses, in all the fields. Modern day parents also want to spend an amount of money on the career of their children. The students care specializing in their respective fields. When we analyze the statistics of the choice. Keeping in this mind PPG Institute of Allied Health Sciences offering various courses, which have been setup by PPG Memorial Charitable Trust.

In Coimbatore, the City famous for its Hospitality and Culture, P.Perichi Gounder Memorial Education and Charitable Trust (PPG Trust), a renowned, benevolent, Charitable, educational trust was established in the year 1992 by Dr.L.P.Thangavelu, M.S., a leading laparoscopic surgeon . It is an institution par excellence rendering yeomen service catering to the needs of budding youth and under-privileged. The founder-chairman Dr.L.P.Thangavelu being the visionary and erudite educationist has encrypted in the DNA of the institution the poise to evolve into a paragon of perfection and excellence. With the able support of his wife Mrs.Shanthi Thangavelu as the Trustee the institutions under the banner of PPG are making strides in achieving and accumulating accolades and laurels. The trust has established and been nurturing various educational institutions for the last 18 years in Coimbatore - College of Nursing, School of Nursing, College of Physiotherapy, College of Education, Institute of Technology , Business School and alchemy Public School and offers B.Sc. & M.Sc. Nursing, BPT & MPT, B.Ed., & M.Ed., Diploma in Nursing, BE and MBA.

Mission And Goals Of B.sc Allied Health Sciences Degree Courses

IN the hi-tech world of modern health care the need for a team approach in curing illness and sustaining like is essential & it takes people with varying skills & expertise to make up the team. Advanced complex instrumentation and equipment require technocrats not only to operate but to care and maintain them as well. These experts have to possess a strong scientific foundations on which the technology revolves and be able to perform at a much higher level of skills that is not easily available

Ashwin hospital focused on this issue of the tremendous need for such expert technologists in the various fields and came up with the idea of starting B.Sc Allied Health Sciences course. Even though this concept is perhaps novel to India it is widely popular and highly successful already in many advanced countries, through this course the objective is to create an adequate number if technocrats of high level performance and skills. This four year programme was the culmination of efforts of a vast number of people qualified and interested in these areas and aboard of studies made up of eminent academics in the specialties

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