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PPG Institute of Allied Health Sciences is one of our Institutions, dedicated to leadership, social welfare and excellence by quality education. Allied health professions are Nobel profession which distinct from nursing, medicine and pharmacy. They work in health care teams to make the health care system by providing a range of diagnostic, technical, therapeutic, direct patient care and support services that are critical to the other health professionals they work with and the patients they serve. "Allied Health Professions are a distinct group of health professionals who apply their expertise to prevent disease transmission, diagnose, treat and rehabilitate people of all ages and all specialties. Together with a range of technical and supportive staff they may deliver direct patient care, rehabilitation, treatment, diagnostics and health improvement interventions to restore and maintain optimal physical, sensory, psychological, cognitive and social functions."

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08 May , 2021
Dialysis Technology

The Dialysis Technician coursehas been designed to offer eligible c...

15 Feb , 2022
Physician Assistance

The Bachelor in physician assistant ensures that the student acquir...

12 Aug , 2022
Radiotheropy Technology

The main aim of this course is to instill skills and knowledge rela...